Polyester Endless Round Sling

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Key Features :
• Round Slings are an endless loop of yarns, covered by a woven tubular jacket            
• Colored coded for ease of selection           
• Each sling has a label showing capacity, I.D number and sling mode capacity      
• High strength to weight ratio
• Light and flexible
• Ability to shock absorb loads
• Does not damage delicate and delicate painted surfaces
• Flattens underload
• Twist and kink resistant   


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Material: 100% polyester yarn
• Factor of safety is 7:1   
Standard: EN1492-2:2000, AS4497.1-1997
• Unaffected by grease and oils
• No risk or injury to operator                       
• Ideal for choke application
• Low extension
• Wears evenly along the length
• Load-Bearing fibers protected from the load, giving greater resistance to wear